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Q. Where can I purchase LITTLE RED CAP?

A. *Little Red Cap is available in many stores across the country but we have to depend on our distributors to tell us each individual location.  Thanks to them we continually update the most complete list on our " RETAIL LOCATIONS " page.  Participating ACE  Hardware and True Value Hardware and Do it Best Hardware stores can also order this product for you by request.  ACE may need to be provided part numbers from our " HOW TO ORDER FROM ACE " Page. 

Q. How long will Little Red Cap keep latex caulk from hardening in the nozzle?

A. *Little Red Cap has kept Latex caulking fresh 2-3 months by simply rolling the cap over the tube and up to a year if directions on the package for long term storage are followed.

Q. How long will Little Red Cap keep silicone caulk from hardening in the nozzle?

A. *Little Red Cap has kept silicone 2-3 days by simply rolling it over the tube and 3-6 months when a 1/4 - 1/2 inch plug of material is formed in the tip per the instructions on the package or instruction page. 

Q. How long will Little Red Cap keep.

A. To keep the integrity of a seal, we recommend replacing a Little Red Cap that is in use every 4 months.   Storing Little Red Cap in its container for 2 years is possible if kept in the dark.  Sunlight will deteriorate Little Red Cap more quickly.

Q. Can Little Red Cap be used for petroleum products?

A. Latex deteriorates quickly with exposure to petroleum based products, however, Little Red Cap works great for temporary capping of non-pressurized gasoline and hydraulic lines, and to cap grease gun tips.  The approximate life for grease is 3 months before deterioration sets in.

Q. How long will Little Red Cap keep my wood glue fresh.

A. Latex or water based products such as popular wood or white glue can be kept fresh indefinitely by replacing the Little Red Cap after it shows signs of deterioration.

* The length of time Little Red Cap will preserve any product is not exact due to the effect of temperature, exposure to UV, humidity, position of tube while stored and the chemical makeup of the product. Longer life is achieved by storing tubes horizontally in the coolest temperature possible without freezing and out of direct sunlight.  Using Little Red Cap in multiple layers can increase the life of the product in the container.


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